Software Testing using jMeter

Course code: STJM01

Duration:        15 Hours

About jMeter

jMeter is an Open Source testing software. It is a Java application applied in load and performance testing. jMeter is used in wide categories of software testing like load, functional, performance, regression, etc., and it requires JDK 5 or higher. This course covers topics in depth that is needed to understand jMeter framework which is required to test enterprise level applications. This greatly helps in building enterprise applications with robustness and reliability.


Software Professionals, willing to learn and apply jMeter Framework.


  • Basic skills in developing applications using Java programming language
  • Knowledge of software development (SDLC) and software testing processes (STLC).
  • 1. Introduction

  • Overview on JMeter and its application in Software Testing
  • Installation and Running JMeter
  • Introduction to JMeter GUI
  • Configuring JMeter
  • Features in JMeter
  • 2. Test Plan

  • Significance of Test Plan
  • Components of a Test Plan
  • Building a Test Plan that Tests Web Sites
  • Building a Database Test Plan
  • Executing your Test Plan
  • Reading Results of Test Plan
  • 3. Jmeter Listeners

  • Significance of Listeners
  • Different Types of Listeners
  • 4. JMeter Functions and User Variables

  • Creating User Variables
  • Getting Data from Website
  • Using JMeter Functions
  • Function helper
  • 5. JMeter proxy server

  • Significance of proxy server
  • Implementing and using proxy server
  • 6. Parameterising Tests in Jmeter

  • Explanation on parameterised testing
  • Implementing parameterised testing using Jmeter
  • 7. Regular Expressions in Jmeter

  • Explanation on Regular Expressions
  • Implementing Regular Expressions using Jmeter
  • 8. Remote and Distributed Testing in Jmeter

  • Explanation on Remote tesing
  • Explanation on Distributed Testing
  • Preparing Remote Environment
  • Running Distributed Testing
  • Gathering and Analysing Results
  • Explanation on Load Balancer
  • Using Distributed Testing with Load Balancers
  • 9. Resource Monitoring in Jmeter

  • Checking CPU Usage
  • Checking Memory and Disk I/O Usage
  • Web Application Server Performance
  • Business Process Performance
  • Database Performance
  • Network Traffic
  • 10. JMeter Results

  • Explanation on Analysing JMeter Results