HPE Quality Center

Course code: STQC01

Duration:       12 - 15 Hours

HP Quality Center (QC), a commercial test management tool by HP, supports various phases of software development life cycle. It is popularly known as HP-ALM Application Life Cycle Management. HP Quality Center is also available as a Software-as-a-Service offering. By undergoing this course you will gain an in-depth understanding on HP Quality Center, its way of usage, project tracking and planning, and other tabs in QC such as Management, Test Plan, Test Lab, defects management and Dashboard view.


This course is designed for Software Testing Professionals with a need to understand HP QC in detail. It will give you enough ingredients to start with QC from where you can take yourself to higher levels of expertise.


Before proceeding with this tutorial, you should have a basic understanding of software development life cycle (SDLC). In addition, you should have some prior exposure to software testing as a process.

1. Introducing Quality Center

  • The Quality Center Testing Process
  • Starting Quality Center
  • The Quality Center Window
  • 2. Specifying Releases and Cycles

  • Defining Releases and Cycles
  • Viewing Releases and Cycles
  • 3. Specifying Requirements

  • Defining Requirements
  • Viewing Requirements
  • Modifying Requirements
  • Converting Requirements
  • 4. Planning Tests

  • Developing a Test Plan Tree
  • Designing Test Steps
  • Copying Test Steps
  • Calling Tests with Parameters
  • Creating and Viewing Requirements Coverage
  • 5. Running Tests

  • Defining Test Sets
  • Adding Tests to a Test Set
  • Scheduling Test Runs
  • Running Tests Manually
  • Viewing and Analyzing Test Results
  • 6. Adding and Tracking Defects

  • How to Track Defects
  • Adding New Defects
  • Matching Defects
  • Updating Defects
  • Linking Defects to Tests
  • Creating Favorite Views
  • Course Review