About SAS

SAS provides analytics software and solutions since 1976. Once known as "statistical analysis system", SAS is both a software and company. SAS software has been deployed across industries, from pharmaceutical industries, financial institutions such as banking and insurance, education and government organizations.

SAS has evolved and developed as a sophisticated software over decades of research and development. It has strong base of industry acceptance due to its deployability across various platforms, using the multi-vendor architecture.

Demand for SAS Skills

SAS analytics professionals along with industry based operational knowledge, are highly in demand today.

According to MONEY and PayScale, industrial study for skills, higher pay scale, advancement and career opportunity SAS listed the top of the list:

Top data skills and their average pay boost:

  • SAS (Statistical Analysis System): +6.1%
  • Data Mining/Data Warehousing: +5.1%
  • Data Modeling: +5%

SAS Training at Computing Academics

We at Computing Academics provide professional SAS training in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, in programming and analytics skills, that are highly in demand today. The course is exhaustively designed by certified and experienced working professionals in SAS applications. We also provide exercises and case studies, which are organized from real world industry applications. This should greatly help the aspiring professionals to become skilled at design and implementation of applications using SAS software.

Computing Academics also provides assistance towards successfully appear for the SAS certification exams. Possessing a SAS  certification, along with related skills, would additionally help the candidate to obtain  a prospective career.

Computing Academics provides well organized SAS training in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. For working professionals we do conduct Saturday and Sunday courses and part-time week day courses.