Registration and Cancellation Policy



Students are advised to carefully assess their time availability and required prerequisites for a course, before commencing the registration process.

It is recommended that registration for classes be done at the earliest time possible, before the commencement of the training program. Registration on or later the date of commencement of training program is not accepted.

Registration will be confirmed through individual’s email id once the registration process is completed. Any other instructions pertaining to the training program will be communicated through individuals email ahead of the scheduled commencement of classes.


At this moment, we accept payment towards registration for training programs, through account deposits. Cash or cheque payments are not accepted.

Though we do confirm the registration to training programs only after the full payment of the course fee, in certain cases, we do accept part payment. Prospective students are requested to contact us regarding the payment options available for any particular course, that they would like to attend to.


Students are advised to plan their time availability before enrolling into classes. If in case of inability to attend any class, we adhere to following cancellation policy.

    1. Cancellation before one week prior to commencement of class is acceptable and full refund of the training program fee is refunded within seven working days.
    2. Cancellation after one week and prior to commencement of class is acceptable and fifty percent of the training program fee is refunded within seven working days.
    3. Cancellation on or after the commencement of class is not acceptable and no refund will be done, except under situation specified in (d).
    4. If a student is unwell and unable to attend an entire training schedule, students are requested to inform us on phone or email, about their inability to attend the training program. We will do a full refund of the training fee, if they submit the proof of their illness or other personal emergencies.


Rescheduling of a class is entertained in following circumstances:

    1. Due weather or other unforeseen events, if the class cannot be conducted, then students will be intimated through email or phone about the next schedule. In this case, either a specific day training session or entire training session can be rescheduled.
    2. If a student is unable to attend a training in its entirety, then they are advised to contact us to reschedule to next available session. If a student is unable to attend one or more days of a training session, they are advised to contact us or the faculty, so that the unattended class sessions can be compensated in future.
    3. If a trainer or faculty is unable to attend to the training program, we will make our best effort to conduct the training program by another trainer or faculty, with equivalent experience. In the absence of ability to provide another faculty to continue with the training session, we will either refund the entire course fee or another schedule of the same training, as per mutual consent between Computing Academics and the student.

Transfer of registration for a class

    1. If for any reason the students are unable to attend a training event and they would like to transfer the same to another aspiring student, they can do the same, but only after due intimation and approval from us.