About Microsoft SQL Server

Microsoft SQL server database is a relational database management system software, developed by Microsoft. It is a widely implemented and popular RDBMS across business applications in the world. Its closest competitors are Oracle, IBM DB2, SAP and Teradata.

SQL server is implemented in transaction processing, data warehousing and business intelligence applications. It also serves wide range of work loads ranging from small and medium businesses to enterprise business applications.

SQL server can be implemented across different operating systems such as Microsoft Windows Server, Linux, etc.

About SQL Server Database Courses from Computing Academics

Computing Academics provides a comprehensive courses on Microsoft SQL Server database in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. These courses are well designed and delivered by industry experts. Extensive hands-on exercises and project works based on real-world applications, enables the participant to acquire the necessary skills and design and deploy database applications, efficiently.


These courses are also aligned with vendor certification based curriculum, and going through this training(s), helps participants to prepare for related certifications provided by Microsoft Corporation.

Microsoft SQL Server Courses