About Data Science - Big Data & Analytics

Big Data can be described as a collection of complex, large sets of structured and unstructured data, that are processed from disparate sources. For  the reasons mentioned above, processing and analyzing Big Data through traditional data processing methods is not feasible, and usually involves larger investment and time to deploy such processes in place.

Data science comprises of implementing concepts, procedures and tools to profile, process, interpret, correlate and report the data patterns, using data for any kind of applications or industries. Information derived through this process are important, to evaluate current business performance and to perform future forecasts, through predictive modelling (a.k.a. predictive analytics). Businesses today are implementing machine learning and predictive modeling, to reassess business processes, to align with enterprise strategies.


About Data Science courses from Computing Academics

Computing Academics offers comprehensive data science courses in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, that encompasses Big Data concept, Hadoop eco-system, predictive modeling & machine learning, using R and Python, Tableau for data visualization and reporting.

These courses are well designed and relevant to today’s industry applications. These are delivered by professionals who have good amount of industry practice. We give importance to hands-on practices and project work from various industries and the real-world use cases, so that participants acquire the ability to perform design, implementation and problem-solving skills. They would be able to perform on a given job role, productively.