C++ Institute Academy Program

About C Language

C was originally developed to re-implement UNIX OS. It is completely written in C.

C is widely used in implementing operating systems and embedded systems.

C is a general purpose programming language, supporting structured programming. Constructs provided by C, map closely to machine instructions, which made it as an alternative to assembly language. It is widely used to develop operating systems and application software for PCs to super computers and embedded systems. MySQL database software is developed using this language.

Many languages such as C++, Java, Javascript, Python have been developed by using the facilites provided by C language.

Librarires written in C are widely used by other languages such as Java, Perl, Python, etc., due to the fact that object code produced by C language is very efficient.

Libraries and interpreters of other languages are implemented using C, due to wide availability of C compilers and efficiency of object code.

About C language courses from Computing Academics

Computing Academics provides a comprehensive courses on C language in Mumbai and Navi Mumbai. These courses are well designed and delivered by industry experts. Extensive hands-on exercises and project works based on real-world applications, enables the participant to acquire the necessary skills and design and deploy applications, efficiently.