About Computing Academics

Computing Academics is founded with an aim to provide best in-class IT training for aspiring candidates. We guarantee quality of training imparted, at the same time at an optimal cost.

Our training offers include both application programming, system programming and administration and information management, spanning across multiple technology brands. We also offer certification oriented trainings apart from stand-alone trainings.

Computing Academics provides training through class-room, virtual and self-paced trainings for the diverse need of clients. Few courses are offered only through specific medium. We provide on-site training at your company location and regular schedule of open-enrollment classes.

The best way to acquire required clarity and competence on technical skills is by practice. Our training is designed in such a way that lab exercises are performed by candidates, spending around fifty percent of training duration in lab exercises. Where required, these are assisted by the technical professionals or faculty or both.

The instructors who impart trainings do have at least 10 years average industry experience in the respective technology they teach. We also ensure that they do have adequate prior teaching experience in order to qualify for becoming a faculty at our company. Where mandated, only certified instructors are engaged in delivering specific courses.